About ACF


I am Mike Schmidt and Anglers Choice Flies is my fly tying company for which I have been commercially producing flies for over two decades now. With a variety of established patterns on the books I strive to continue to push the limits of materials on the market to create that 'next generation' of flies. Every pattern that is designed at my vise is thoroughly water tested to ensure they perform as designed and will hold up to the rigors of being fished before being made available to my customers.  

Currently, in addition to tying for Anglers Choice Flies, I am an Orvis Fly Designer with whom I have patterns going back 20 years.  I also have over a decade in on the Regal Engineering pro-staff, and work with Vedavoo and SmithFly.

This site is always growing but is not a full listing of patterns! If you do not see your favorite pattern here, or are having a hard time finding that 'must have' pattern, then please let me know and I will fill a custom order to meet your fishing needs.  I have traveled extensively to fish both fresh and salt species as well, and would love to put that expertise to use for you by putting together a custom set of bugs for your next destination.

***NOTE***  All orders are fulfilled in the order which they are placed!  Generally wait times from order to vise are under a week, outside of peak seasons.  Rarely do I have any stock on hand which means that your bugs are tied specifically to your order.  Please plan accordingly for your sought after flies to have plenty of time to arrive!

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to tying for you!

-Mike Schmidt


-Regal Engineering Pro-Staff
-Orvis Fly Designer
-SmithFly Pro-Staff

-Solarez Pro-Staff
-Featured articles in online Southern Culture on the Fly Magazine contributor
-Flies featured in 'Smallmouth; Modern Fly-Fishing Methods, Tactics and Techniques' by Dave Karczynski and Tim Landwehr; ISBN-13 978-0811715591

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-Mike's Meal Ticket full spread step by step published in March/April 2011 Northwest Fly Fishers
-Mike's Impossihex full spread step by step published in July/August 2011 Eastern Fly Fishers
-IFTD 2015 Iron Fly Tyer Champion
-Mad River Outfitters 2014 Fly Tyer of the Year
-Featured written and video articles on
-Featured articles in online Hatches Magazine
-Official gear sponsor of Fishy
-Fly featured on packaging for Nymph-Head Fly Color brass beads, Stonefly Black
-Fly featured on packaging for Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten fly tying beads, Shrimp Pink
-2008 Winged Wet Fly Tier of the Year,
-2009 Winged Wet Bronze medal,
-2009 Wet/Emerger Bronze medal,