No special text or flash on this part of the site, just good links to people and forums that I have found helpful to my pursuit of the sport that I love.


Steelhead Alley Outfitters/Jag Fly Co. The leaders in the guide game on the Lake Erie corridor and group I have partnered with as a Signature Tyer
Mad River Outfitters This is my home store. I also work with them on custom tying orders and teach their Intermediate/Advanced tying classes
Regal Engineering Manufacturers of the worlds best fly tying vises and accessories. Pretty sure this one needs no introduction...and they have picked up some of my fly patterns. A wonderful collection of fly fishing talent including tiers, guides, artists, and authors
Flymen Fishing Company Maker of the exciting new Nymph Head Beads and Real Color bead series
Mystic Outdoors Absolute top notch rods, reels, and other outdoor equipment
Fishy Kid .org Great group focused on the next generation of fly fishers. ACF is an official gear sponsor.
Clear Cure Goo Thick, thin, hydro or flexible...this spectrum epoxy is the best on the market. I'll never use standard epoxy again
Fly Fish Ohio Good site with a wealth of regional information run by Joe Cornwall
Mike Heck - Orvis endorsed guide Mike is an excellent fisherman and guide specializing in PA spring creeks
Rich Strolis Chasing Shadows guide service Rich is a great guy with a lifetime of knowledge fishing western Connecticut, more specifcally the Farmingon and Housatonic
Indigo Guide Service Kevin Morlock's crew gets the job done up the west coast of Michigan, including some spectacular summer fishing out at secluded Beaver Island
Rise Form Studio TV A great guide service working out of New Jersey; these guys are focused on teaching and also host a large on line video collection!
Eli Berant's Great Lakes Fly Great Lakes Fly specializes in big streamers for big fish. They are second to none...hands down spectacular work.
Streamers Fly Fishing Outfitters Formerly Day5 Flies, now expanded to supplies and tools as well
The Fiberglass Manifesto TFM is rapidly emerging as a star on the fly fishing blog frontier. Solid content and great guy.